Business intelligence

Experience the decision-making power hidden in your data

Now is your time for a business intelligence revolution

Business intelligence (BI) is a way to reveal actionable insights in your data. If you keep a sales spreadsheet and do forecasts, you’re already practicing BI on a limited scale. If you ever wonder about the “why” behind your spreadsheets, you need BI to help you understand the drivers powering the numbers you see. And if you need BI, you need a modern solution that enables you to generate expertly authored, stunning reports; visualize results; and share those results. You need to be able to ask questions of your data in plain language and get answers you can understand.

The journey to BI fluency

For information consumers

Say goodbye to pivot tables and spreadsheets that are hard to read and interpret. Get fully interactive reports you can save and subscribe that give you a deeper understanding of business drivers.

For Data Explorers

Free yourself from asking IT to pull data for you. Become a data explorer with easy-to-use and understand exploration capabilities. Data explorers are well on their way to BI fluency.

For Power Users

Access and prepare data from multiple sources. Advise colleagues on the drivers responsible for results and predict outcomes with advanced data exploration. Create reports that unveil valuable insights.

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